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Here's a concise set of pages listing all game-related projects I have done and am currently working on. It's the hub that lets to split off into viewing these various projects. Below is the most recent news.. or lack of it considering how busy I often am. Below that is a set of buttons showing just what there is to look at. Click on them carefully, they're sensitive about their weight.

And now: The News.
Um, I've started making Half-Life 2 deathmatch maps. :)
Still here! I'll have more interesting things soon enough. (ok, like, within a year?)
Yes, I'm still alive. I'm no longer working on AQ2. Will be updating some sites shortly, and will fix the miscellaneous downloads shortly as well. I have very little free time with college now, but I have a couple projects still. I'm working on a 2-player SpaceWar game for the Palm Pilot, and a silly tank game played on a hex map with cards and dice and such.

HL2DM maps Wow, Half-Life 2 uses the same editor I used for Quake, but highly updated. So anyway I've been making some deathmatch maps and they're awesome. Check 'em out.
Artifact Artifact is a mod to spice up Quake and Quake 2 deathmatches. Exotic spices to flavour the carnage, if you will. Take your typical boring fragfest, and throw in 30+ variants of mysterious artifacts. Each will imbue you with a special ability or strength that you can use to your advantage (if you're smart enough). I'm not working much on this any longer, and more driven coders have more polished versions of the mod I originally put out, but this is where it started folks.
Slide Here's the buzz-inducing, wall-slamming, ramp-jumping, downhill racing mod for Quake, Slide. Grab your hoverboard and check it out if think you can handle the speed. If you'll excuse my ego, it's perhaps one of the only reasons to still play oldschool Quake.
Quake Weapons Griphis and I made a bunch of weird overpowered weapon mods for Quake back when it was the shiznat. Here they are in an unsorted and individual fashion.
QTank QTank is yet another mod Griphis and I made back when Quake was in vogue. Run around as a player if you like, but you'll be fodder for the players who choose to drive their very own tanks with superpowered weapons and armour. It never had many followers, but I liked it. It's my baby.
Misc Quake Located here is a page containing odds and ends of Quake patches Griphis and I made long ago. There's Rune Hunt, a small server-side patch (that never got as much attention as it deserved, IMHO) There's also Club Dragon. It's like a rave, in Quake, only a lot smaller, with less people, and no three dollar waters, and guns. Small things like these are the small things that make life interesting.
Doom Levels Even before Quake, I made a bunch of crazy Doom II deathmatch maps. If you're looking for some tight battlezones with nifty traps and wacky effects and architecture that the kids go for in their Doom II deathmatching, this is the place. Personally, I think Doom Legacy still holds its own even in this world of Q3A and UT.
Quake Installation Here's simply a brief tutorial on how to install Quake patches properly, as some people do need the help, and I was stupid enough to forget putting instructions in the Quake mod "readme" files.

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