Imagine racing downhill on a frictionless board at breakneck speeds. Imagine going over huge jumps and dodging sharp pointy things and large blunt objects in a race to the bottom, slamming into other players on your way there, trying to get them to crash. Imagine this, and you have Slide. It's just another one of those old Quake mods, but people seem to enjoy it.

News per update...
Slide ... 8.25.2001
Still alive! I'm pretty much done with Slide (thus, this site will no longer be updated save to keep it working), but who knows? Maybe I'll mod Slide into some other FPS someday. People seemed to enjoy this mod above all others I made. In the meantime play some SSX, people! (PS, I totally forgot that my download directory for years now has had a halfpipe level, and I never mentioned it! Enjoy :)
Slide ... 4.20.99
A little link to the Slide Done Quick site. I haven't checked it out myself. :)
Slide ... 11.16.98 Heya
Small updates. I added a link to the only current site I know about that has Slide speed records. I also added a picture from a French article sent to me by Emmanuel Roussin. I got a byline! Merci, Emmanuel!


Slide V1.1
The Slide models, code, sounds, etc. Everything but levels. This is the base of the Slide mod.
Slide Level Pack #1
The "official" first set of Slide levels. 10 in all if I remember correctly. These are the tracks you race upon in Slide.
( Slide Level )
A halfpipe level that's been around for years but I forgot to tell anybody about until recently! Waugh!
( Slide Level )
DM4'ish white 'n narrow level. Forgot the author. }:/
( Slide Level )
Foxy Slide! Author is Foxy. Very cool level.
( Slide Level )
"-speedrush-". Cool level, and REALLY meant for GLQuake, but runs in the software rendered version. Forgot the author. }:/
( Slide Level )
Short level with REALLY high jumps, and REALLY cool textures. Again, I dunno the author. }:p
( Slide Level )
The first Slide track written by someone who isn't Singe or Griphis.
Start point field textures
(in WAD format)
If you're using the start point brush entity in designing levels, I'd prefer you use one of the textures in this WAD.
Slide Quake-C code
For people to mess around with.

Misc Stuff

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PC team No36 - Juin 1998
Slide in the news!
Emmanuel Roussin Sent me free of charge 4 French magazines for Griphis and myself just cause they mentioned Slide. This really makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see my work up in print. I really gotta start doing Quake 2 and/or QuakeArena patches.


Things in Slide you should meet

Your hoverboard. It's frictionless, and has no limit on top speed. You get one when you run through the start point, or over a reslider. When you turn, you still go in the same direction as you were before turning, but if you hold the attack button as you turn, you can direct your velocity.
This is the start point. They're always found at the tops of slide tracks, and are floating while rotating slowly. Run through them to get a hoverboard and begin the timer for your descent through the level.
This is a checkpoint. If these exist in a level, they NEED to be hit or else you can't reach the end point. Be sure you don't miss your checkpoints. You'll hear a tone and they'll light up when you run over them.
This is (big suprise) the end point. Always found at the bottom of a Slide track. Hit it to end the current run down the track, record your time if it's the best, and get your five frags if you're playing in deathmatch. If you DID run the course with the best time. you'll get seven frags instead of the usual five.
These little hyper spinny things are the generic bonus item in Slide. They're usually placed in awkward places, and if you manage to snag one, you're rewarded with a frag.
This might look like a start point, but it's not. It's a reslide point. Reslide points don't rotate, and are a little smaller than start points as well as being latched to the ground. If you deactivate your hoverboard halfway through the track, or somehow lose your board, run over one of these to get brand spankin' new hoverboard.

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